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Restless Hands - Original Yaoi and Yuri Fic
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Greetings and welcome to Restless Hands, a community for posting original shounen-ai, yaoi, shoujo-ai, and yuri fiction. We hope for this to be a place were people can post and read good original fiction, as well as give and get constructive feedback on the works posted.


Some Rules:
1. No flaming or bashing other peoples fics. Constructive critisism is allowed, but make sure to point out the good and the bad.
2. No fan fiction. Only 100% original fic is allowed in this community.
3. Please make sure you've at least spell-checked your fic before posting it. Having your fic beta-read before you post it is highly encouraged. (Ask around the community! Someone is sure to be willing to beta for you.) Rough draft versions of fics are okay to post for comments and help, but they should be fairly readable even in their rough form.


Posting Format:

Chapter: (If applicable)
Genre: (Fantasy, sci-fi, whatever. Just a general thing so that people know vaguely what they're getting into)
Warnings: (If needed. Please warn for anything particularily kinky or traumatic.)
Archive: (If it's been posted anywhere else, or where people can find old chapters if it's a long fic)

Summary: (Just a brief blurb is fine.)

Please put your story behind an LJ cut, so as not to clutter up people's friends pages.


Well, that's about it. Enjoy the community! We can't wait to read your stories. Your community maintainers, should you need any assistance, are neev, amethystduckie, and maiteoida. ^_^ Thanks again, and enjoy!